American Cruise Lines and Present “Exploring the American Experience”

May 6th, 2014

American Cruise Lines has announced “Exploring the American Experience” as a new initiative with to promote American history, culture and literature. “As the premium provider of American river cruises, we knew immediately this joint initiative was a perfect match,” said Timothy Beebe, Vice President of American Cruise Lines. “We have a long standing relationship with and this allows us to combine two ideologies which aim to promote the beauty and history of this country.”

Accoring to American Cruise Lines, “Exploring the American Experience” will provide readers with enticing educational content focused solely on the United States. Readers can retrace the steps of the adventures of Lewis & Clark, read about the gun slingers of the Wild West, Louis Armstrong’s New Orleans, or the true story behind the famed novel, Moby Dick.  “Exploring the American Experience” with and American Cruise Lines will transport readers back in time and enable them to experience the intricate fabric of American history and how it helped shape the world.

The program will run for three months and online components will include articles as well as tailored videos.

“We hope people understand that our very goal as a provider of domestic river cruises is to offer a unique way for people to “Explore the American Experience,” added Beebe. “We couldn’t have asked for a more strategic and compelling partnership than this one with”


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