Alan Bates’ autobiographical book „Naval Architect“ republished

November 23rd, 2013

Naval Architect, Alan BatesNaval Architect” is the true story of Alan L. Bates’ career as a naval architect, the ups and downs, about learning things the hard way, about great success and the funniest moments in life.

First published by Alan Bates in 1992, “Naval Architect” has been out of print for many years. Now it’s available again as paperback book as well as in e-book format for Kindle e-book readers.

Alan L. Bates directed the renovation of the steamer “Avalon” into the “Belle of Louisville”, designed the steamboat “Natchez” and was involved in the planning, building or renovation of many other riverboats.

The book a personal account of the author’s most prestigious projects including the Belle of Louisville renovation, Natchez, Chautauqua Belle and the Louisville Falls Fountain as well as his very own experiences with the US Coast Guard, which he had a life-long and deep love-hate relationship with.

Alan L. Bates tells his stories in the same witty and refreshing style he did when telling stories in person at so many occasions, whether sitting on the lazy bench of the pilot house of the Belle of Louisville or on the sofa of his home in Louisville, Kentucky – in his very own style of storytelling that everyone who knew him did love so much.

In November 2011, just weeks before he passed away on January 1, 2012, Alan Bates wrote in an e-mail: “It is my hope that my historical drawings and books will remain available to historians and river fans for at least a few more years.”

Naval Architect is the first in a series of books written by Alan Bates to be republished to keep his heritage alive.

“Naval Architect” is available from as well as retail book stores (ISBN: 978-1484939932):

paperback edition $12.50 (current price: $10.83)

e-book $4.99

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