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Paddlewheels And Props - price list, effective March 1, 2008

- These prices supercede all others in previous catalogs.
- Prices include shipping within the U.S. and Canada.
- Price subject to change without notice.
- For overseas orders please allow three to four weeks for delivery.
- Checks or money orders must be in funds drawn on U. S. banks.
- I do not accept credit cards.
- Make checks and money orders payable to Paddlewheels and Props.
- Mailing address is 7672 Crystal Cove Pointe, Maineville, Ohio, 45039-7008.

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Ohio resident (6% sales tax are added)
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model plan price in US $
Alligator, sternwheel launch 18.00
Armenia, 1/96th scale 18.00
Armenia, 1/48th scale 30.00
Bailey Gatzert, 1/48th scale 30.00
Bailey Gatzert, 1/96th scale 18.00
Buckeye State, 1/96th scale 20.00
Chaperon, 1/96th scale 19.00
USS Choctaw, 3/32nd scale 19.00
Comet of 1819, 1/48nd scale 25.00
City of Monroe, 1/96th scale 23.00
Far West, 1/96th scale 26.00
G.K. Wentworth, 1/48th scale 26.00
Generic Diesel River Towboat, 1/24th scale 26.00
Generic Diesel River Towboat 1/48th scale 18.00
Joseph Henry/Louisiana, 1/48th scale 27.00
Mary Powell, 1/96th scale 22.00
Mt. Washington, 1/48th scale 25.00
Mt. Washington, l/96th scale 18.00
Royal hull lines, 1/32 scale 18.00
Sergeant Floyd, 1/48th scale 25.00
S. S. Thorpe, 1/48th scale 20.00
Natchez VI, 1/96th scale 50.00
Nemacolin, 1/48th scale 18.00
Thomas A. Edison,1/48th scale 25.00
Vega, 1/48th scale 25.00
W.H. Bancroft, 1/48th scale 25.00
Alpha, 1928 diesel towboat, 1/32 scale 31.00
Cop-R-Loy/Detroiter towboat, 1/48th scale 18.00
Destrehan, 1/48th scale 55.00
Donora, towboat, 1/96th scale 18.00
Scott/Ft. Armstrong towboats, 1/48th scale 31.00
George T. Price, 1/48th scale 22.00
Ward barges, per sheet 28.00
Inland River Auto ferries, 1/96th scale 18.00
300 HP 1927 towboat, 1/48th scale 18.00
White Swan, 1/16th scale 24.00
360 HP sternwheel towboats, designs A 18.00
360 HP sternwheel towboats, designs B 18.00
360 HP sternwheel towboats, designs C 18.00
360 HP sternwheel towboats, designs D 18.00
Ward's Wild goose, 1/48th scale -10 sheet set 25.00
FM 180 HP engine & auxiliary drawings 18.00
Lake Charles/Choctaw towboats, 1/24th scale 37.00
Lake Charles/Choctaw towboats, 1/32 scale 25.00
Creole Queen sternwheel, plans & photo set 21.00
Brooklyn tug, 1/96th scale 18.00
Brooklyn tug, 1/87th scale 18.00
Army ST tug, 1/48th scale 37.00
Army/Navy 45' Diesel harbor tug, 1/24th scale 43.00
New Haven RR transfer tug, 1/48th scale 23.00
Vulcan/Hercules diesel tags, 1/32nd scale 31.00
John W. Van Pelt tug, 1/24th scale 28.00
John W. Van Pelt tug, 1/48th scale 18.00
Craig tug, 1/24th scale 25.00
Craig tug, 1/48th scale 18.00
Esso Honduras, 1/24th scale 30.00
© 2008: John L. Fryant, 7672 Crystal Cove Pointe, Maineville, Ohio 45039-7008, USA