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Welcome to my latest catalog.

This collection of plans is one man's effort to provide modelers with unique subject matter and also to help preserve a bit of U. S. maritime heritage. The plans listed in this catalog include riverboats, tugs and also inland river ferries and barges. Both vintage and modern vessels are represented, including steam and diesel-powered passenger vessels and workboats used on U. S. inland and coastal waters. The plans are intended for model builders, artists, historians, authors and others seeking accurate reference information. They show all necessary views for constructing accurate models. These include hull lines (except scow types), elevations, deck plans, sectional views, details, color schemes (except where noted), and historical information. Where possible, photos of the real boats or of models of them are included. None of the plans include step-by-step building instructions, materials specifications or specific details for installing radio control equipment except where noted on the listings. In addition, there are three pages of resources for photos, other plans, publications, historical societies and model building supplies.

This plans service was started in the early 1970s with two sets: the Thomas A. Edison and the Wild Goose. With this latest catalog I have expanded the offerings to include forty-eight vessels. The Xerographic process resulting in a higher quality print than the old blue-line method now reproduces all of the plans. All prints are black line on white bond paper. The new process has made possible the offering of some formerly un-reproducible drawings such as the Mary Powell and the G. K. Wentworth.

Paddlewheels and Props has always been a one-man operation, which must sometimes bow to other priorities. You should receive your order within two weeks. Since relocating in May 2000, I am now 20 miles from a reprographic shop. Because of this I generally make trips there only once a week.

I regret not having time to enter into lengthy correspondence concerning model construction techniques, research, etc. If you have a question that demands an answer, please include an SSAE with your inquiry. Or you can e-mail me at Jnoboat@aol.com. You will find sources of research and photos listed in this catalog which should be helpful in answering questions about these vessels.

A hard copy catalog is available for $7.00 U.S. or $9.00 to Canada and all other countries.

Payment accepted by check or money order made payable to Paddlewheels and Props or to John L. Fryant. Sorry, I do not accept credit cards. The listed prices include shipping within the U. S. and Canada via U. S. P. S. Priority Mail. Ohio residents please add appropriate sales tax for your county. For overseas air shipment please add 25% of the total price of your order and allow three to four weeks for delivery. Please note: Overseas checks or money orders must be in funds drawn on U. S. banks.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the catalog and that you gain an appreciation for these vessels, some of which once played a significant role in U. S. transportation.

John L. Fryant
7672 Crystal Cove Pointe
Maineville, Ohio 45039-7008
U. S. A.

January, 2009

© January 2009: John L. Fryant, 7672 Crystal Cove Pointe, Maineville, Ohio 45039-7008, USA