Problems watching the videos

Video and audio files usually are very large files. So they need to be compressed, which reduces size and quality. For a quality that is as good as possible, I'm using the newest software for compression, which also means you'd have to use the newest software for viewing the videos.

For videos we use Flash files as they're the best compromise between file size and quality. To watch these videos, you'll need the Flash player as browser plug-in for your web browser. Most browsers come with this plugin by default. If not, please download and install the plugin from the Adobe Flash website.

Problems listening to audio files

For the most of the audio files on this web site, we're using the popular MP3 format. You'll need a special MP3 player for listening. Windows Media Player or Quicktime Player (for the Mac users) usually is able to play MP3 files by default. If you run into problems, please update your software as it very likely is very old.

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