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Alan Bates 01-07-2007 11:26 AM

Str. America at Louisville
Baptisms used to be performed all along the rivers and may still be being done. Just wading into the water at the Louisville landing was a Perfect Act of Faith, for the mud was well-laced with broken bottles, old wire, packinghouse offal and all the other detritus of a big city. The church people would sing and shout responses to the preacher and the curious public would stand by and watch. These events were not publicised. It is a lucky thing the photographer came along to discover this one.

Tom Schiffer 01-07-2007 12:00 PM

Alan: When Jim Reising organized the Kentucky River Caper, two years ago, we all assembled at Carrollton, Ky for the start. There was such a baptism done there that morning afer I launched MISSIE...and, it was done at the foot of the launcinig ramp. You may have arrived just after it happened. In any case, I sure wish we could have seen the steamer AMERICA too...she was some punkin! And, what a great photo, Jim.

Steve Huffman 01-07-2007 01:34 PM

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Here are a couple of circa 1910 photos of river baptisms with the sternwheel ferry LEON. The first photo, which must have an entire congregation aboard, was probably taken with the LEON shoved-in at Carrollton. The other photo shows Carrollton in the distance, and was taken exactly where the BARBARA H landing is today, at Lamb, Indiana.
The LEON came out in 1895, and was almost the first gasboat on the Ohio River, but the Turner Brothers of Madison came out with the gasboat/packet WHITE DOVE earlier that year.
Alan, the chicken coop in our backyard was made from the cabin on the LEON, and the RESOLUTE is currently stored in it.

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