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Jon Tschiggfrie 09-16-2017 06:05 PM

MQ stacks
This has perhaps been discussed here before, but as the search functionality in this forum software leaves something to be desired...

Does anyone here know the story on the various stacks that adorned the MISSISSIPPI QUEEN throughout the years?

Judy Patsch 09-17-2017 10:28 PM

One missing
I don't know the rationale behind the various types she had, but I do know one was ripped off in the St. Louis harbor in high water and went flying by Dan Forman as he was playing the departure calliope concert. It was, and may still be, on display on a barge at the old St. Louis Ship site. The only relic I have is the handprinted cardboard "stacks up stacks down" sign they posted in the pilothouse.

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