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Judy Patsch 07-29-2017 08:15 AM

For the third consecutive year high water, this time a flood, has wreaked havoc with the AQ's UMR trips. It doesn't matter when they are scheduled, high water hits. And this high water would have stopped the DQ too, so it isn't just the AQ's size. She is currently above Alton, presumably going to Hannibal and then back to Alton to end this week's trip. It was supposed to have been the first St.Louis/St. Paul, now Alton/RedWing, trip of the season. But the sudden flood stopped that so she went down to Cape Girardeau and Chester before heading up to Hannibal. She will do the Alton/RedWing run this week, as the river is falling fast. This will put her back on schedule to do what should have been the second RedWing roundtrip and then the downbound to Alton. I hadn't looked at her schedule so I was unaware of the new RedWing roundtrips, which would be something I'd love to do - IF they traveled in daylight, which of course they don't. They'll sit all day in whatever towns they've scheduled. Too bad because that is the most beautiful country on any river I've ever traveled. Hopefully if the DQ gets up running again, she'll go back to daylight cruising with emphasis on the river, not on shore stops.

Jim Blum 07-29-2017 08:46 AM

While I was Downtown yesterday afternoon I opted not to motor down the levee as when the horse drawn carriages are operating (less than 95f--which it was yesterday late afternoon) the "Speed Limit" along the now only two lane Wharf St is one horsepower) I did see AQSC bus No.115 (approx 5:15 pm) Westbound on Olive St short of Grand Ave. Couldn't tell if it was deadheading or with passengers due to the graphic wrap over windows. The bus and I diverged routes so I have no idea where its destination was to be.

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