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alan radecki 11-26-2016 09:34 AM

Photo of the "Columbia"
Dale, David and Frank all kindly responded to my earlier post about the interest and curiosity got the better of me and I bought the photo...would still like to figure out the story behind this boat! I'm [I]assuming[/I] that this is in San Francisco based on the sign on the warf, but that may not be a completely valid assumption. Any further thoughts from anyone?? [url][/url]

David Dewey 11-26-2016 03:07 PM

Well, now that I've seen the picture, definitely a California-style boat; looks like the typical freight/passenger boat that worked the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers. The dock looks like areas around Stockton, where some of the boats were stored. I suspect this boat is stored, as it's heavily hogged, and I doubt would run well with the wheel that deep. I still need to dig out my CA river books to see if I can find anything. Great photo, BTW!

Carl Jones 11-29-2016 10:15 PM

Alan & David
I took a look at my two California books found no boat named Columbia. I then switched to the Columbia River. Randall V Mills in His "Stern-Wheelers up Columbia" lists three boats named Columbia the first was built at Astoria and launched July 3, 1850 she worked mainly between Astoria and Oregon City with an occasional run to the cascades. She was a side wheeler. The next Columbia was built in 1891 and worked on the upper Columbia. She wrecked in 1893 was salvaged and was registered in Canada as the Alberta. The third Columbia was built in 1905 and burned july 8, 1915 at Wenatchee along with three other boats. This marked the end of the Columbia and Okanogan steamboat Company. Lytle lists 19 Columbias none built on the west coast. Nearly all the steamboats built west of the Rocky Mountains had only one stack.
Carl Jones

alan radecki 12-02-2016 12:42 AM

Location identified as Stockton
Kevin Shawver, over on the San Francisco Maritime and Coastal History Club Facebook group, has identified the location as the head of the navigation channel of the San Joaquin River in Stockton, and he even posted a photo of another sternwheeler, the [I]Captain Weber,[/I] in the same location. If you're logged in to Facebook, this link should work... [url][/url]

The street in the foreground is El Dorado.

BUT...still no leads on the boat itself.

I am deeply appreciative of everyone who's pitched in to help solve this little riddle of history!

David Dewey 12-05-2016 04:16 PM

I can't believe I was that close in my location "guess"--I've looked at a lot of CA boat pictures over the years, so guess the other pics must have registered in my subconcious.
I haven't forgotten this thread, still looking for two books I have that were local publications--I'll let you know as soon as I find them!

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