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Judy Patsch 10-28-2016 11:26 AM

Delta queen visual timeline
Don Sanders has suggested several times that we should have something to document the various DQ features and when they appeared on Her Majesty. So I started a Facebook group, DELTA QUEEN VISUAL TIMELINE for any members to list their knowledge. Hopefully we'll be able to make a chronological log after a time which can be used for reference. For those of you who do not do Facebook, please feel free to post on this thread pix and years of when the features appeared.
I started the postings by listing: the blue Voyages to America banner on the Sundeck stern railing from 1973-78; the name painted on the engine room bulkhead by Lexie in 1975; the two portholes being replaced by the windows in the splashboard for the 1984 season for the new suites on the Cabin Deck where Skid Row had been.
Please add whatever you can to this attempt to record DQ history, either here or on the Facebook page.

Denny Hamilton 10-29-2016 10:58 AM

This is a great idea! How often do we look at an old picture of the DQ and try to guess the date by sleuthing about certain features of the boat? If I can get my new slide scanner to work, I'll post some features. There are features that were really short-lived, like those "Unifon" boxes by the calliope whistles, and the Bicentennial flags on the bow painted by Dave Tschiggfrie. We can't forget the obvious stuff too, like the big, fat hull she now has, and how about the new pencil-thin stack. These features may have been an [I]operational[/I] improvement, but they sure didn't improve her looks!

Judy Patsch 10-29-2016 02:08 PM

DQ features
I haven't had much time for anything else since I started the page yesterday...yes there are so many specific things that weren't around for long which will help us. But there are 4 main ongoing areas that will sure help us: the smokestack, calliope, pilothouse and splashboard. This is fun, but I can see a LOT of time complling all our responses!!! One thing we've questioned so far: the mint boxes. Some were taken off in 1971, but were new ones added? My first trip was in '73 and I'd swear there were mint boxes then.

David Dewey 10-30-2016 01:37 AM

Since I can't get to Facebook with my dial-up, I'll mention a few I know, but honestly don't know the exact dates. First there's the Big Oval Stack first put on in '47, The old kitchen stove smoke stack in the middle of the roof. name board signs on pilot house, as well as location of the doors. Calliope, not there, and then put on, base whistles to port, then to starboard, then on both ends to high in the middle, and finally base in the middle to high notes at the ends. Paddlewheel, Black, (Green?) then Red. Ventilation scoops, Stage construction. Orleans room window placements too.
Well, that's just off the top of my head. Oh, finer details; square wood deck railing posts vs round steel ones, oh and pilot house front nameboard/eagles (variations in the eagle), and of course, the horrid "Majestic" nameboard(s).
That should keep a few of you busy for a while!! Such a chart, though, would be great to help date photos and postcards! And, of course, all these details are post California!

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