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R. Dale Flick 09-07-2016 09:11 AM

*'New' steamboat history question*
Steamboating colleagues:
Hated to jump up over the previous thread Jim Reising instituted but thought his question had been answered. We can always return to a previous thread for additional questions/information.

*Yesterday I received here an unusual 'steamboat history question' that I need your help as I certainly don't know the answer. In many ways it follows the previous one with the year on/around 1899. I gathered the question could also have possibly appeared on FACEBOOK but was forwarded to me.

*Question is: "Did the early Cincinnati REDS Baseball team [Oringinally called the 'Red stockings'] ever travel to Louisvlle, KY for a big game--or series of games there--by steamboat overnight?" I certainly don't know but 'could' be possible. The present Cincinnati REDS organization may have their own history archives as would the Public Library or Cincinnati Historical Society [Now closed for renovation]. The 'night boat' then would most likely have been the L&C LINE. Then again, I know that the railroads of the day were extensive here. Possibility to save time the team then could have taken the train. Who knows? Help? The question a 'goodie' and some of you down Louisville way or others with long memories, archives on boats may know. I know here what I don't know.

R. Dale Flick
Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati

Bob Reynolds 09-07-2016 09:48 AM

Good question, Dale. I know the major league teams today travel by air, but the minor go by bus. With the proximity of Cinci-Lou, IF there were room aboard the boat for the team and related crew, that might have even been an option they would all prefer over a train. Comfort sometimes takes precedence over speed.

Jim Reising 09-07-2016 01:29 PM

Dale, I looked at the Courier Journal archives and there is no mention how the Red Stockings got to Louisville when they played here. I would suspect the team probably had agreements with the various railroad lines out of Cincy by the 1890's. Louisville is the only away place that was convenient by river. A better question might be, did the team have their own private railcar? Perhaps Jim Blum would know or know where to find an answer.

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