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Bob Reynolds 04-15-2015 07:36 PM

Capt. Volney E. "Stogie" White
Can anybody here help me out with some info.? I am curious about Capt. "Stogie" White, who worked for the Greene Line from ??? up until probably the mid to late 40's. I know he was a trusted Master/Pilot for the Greenes, serving as Master on their boats. I believe he joined the Coast Guard, probably during WWII as many rivermen did. Later on I do know he was in the marine insurance business.

Does anyone know more about him? When did he die, and did he maintain a cordial relationship with Greene Line after he left them? I never find any mention of his association with the Greenes after their purchase of the DELTA QUEEN. I once asked Woody Rutter what, if anything, he knew about this, and Woody didn't know much of anything. So, Keith, Jim Reising, Dale, (or anyone else): do y'all know anything?

R. Dale Flick 04-15-2015 09:27 PM

*Capt. Volney E. 'Stogie' White*
Good evening Bob & Steamboating colleagues,
Bob, I knew "Stogie" White from the time I was a kid on. Capt. Bill Judd knows even more for sure. "Stogie" came from his cigar stub in his mouth. Stogie was indeed thick in the midst of the old GREENE LINE a long time and longer than we remember. He was one party guy for sure. I seem to remember that, I 'think,' Stogie ended up with and spent a number of years with the NEARE GIBBS marine underwriters here in Cincinnati. Bill Judd will know for sure. Stogie also a side-kick of Capt. Tom Greene. I can't remember--and doubt--if Stogie was a member of Capt. Tom's little rat trap band making music on the boats or out at their camp on the Little Miami River. Stogie did serve on the GORDON C. GREENE and possibly the TOM GREENE, CHRIS GREENE. It does sound familiar about his time in either the U.S. Navy or the Coast Guard. The late Capt. C.W. Stoll knew Stogie and some years back handed me a clutch of river/steamboat photos with a much younger Stogie pictured. This all in my dusty boxes. Like many other steamboat men, Stogie in time saw the writing on the wall and moved on to business: insurance, banking, accounting, mercantile, building and loan organizations etc. This evident through the years going way back in steamboat history. Stogie appeared quite a bit down on the DELTA QUEEN to visit through the years as I recall talking with Mrs. Letha C. Greene.

The late Capt. John Beatty also a staunch friend of his and perhaps the last person to see Stogie alive. They attended some function or dinner here in town. Everybody parted company as usual going separate ways. Stogie made it to near his car in a big enclosed parking garage only to promptly keel over. And that was it. His funeral/burial up here in our Mt. Washington Cemetery, Cincinnati. At the time I had a very 'spooky' feeling seeing his grave plot within a few steps near an ancient spreading cedar tree adjacent to our family plots. His marker stone very low with just his name, birth/death using his nick name "Stogie." I never met or knew his wife as I think they possibly were separated. If he had children I knew not. This about all I recall off the cuff tonight without pulling out a file and old photos. I'll keep digging and drive in the cemetery here tomorrow to seek out his grave. His age? Not sure but assume in/around his 70s [74?]. Bill Judd could nail it when he reads these postings.

R. Dale Flick
Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati

Bill Judd 04-15-2015 09:30 PM

Capt. Stogie White

I almost hate to admit it but I knew Capt. Stogie White very well and that places me in the 'over the hill" group. He and my Dad were great friends. Capt. White was born in 1901 and died in July, 1966. He lived most of his life in Cincinnati and had a son, William.

Capt. White and Capt. Tom Greene went to school together here in Cincinnati.
Fred Way said " Stogie was as close to being a Greene as anybody other than a blood relative".

Capt. White served as clerk on the Packet John W. Hubbard, played in the band on the Island Queen, long served as Master of the Str. Chris Greene, Purser on the Gordon C. Greene's first season. As the Greene Line shrunk, Capt. White joined the Steamboat Inspection Service and after it merged into the U.S.C.G he joined Neare, Gibbs & Co. as a marine surveyor. He did fill in often as Master of the Str. Delta Queen in the early years.

He had a ATON aid, the Capt. Stogie White Light named for him at Ohio River mile 344.2 on the left bank.

R. Dale Flick 04-15-2015 10:00 PM

*Capt. Judd's instant response*
Bill, this now really 'spooky' with you reading the above, responding so quickly as I ate three chocolate cookies with a glass of milk. Now, gang, you have "the rest of the story" from one who was there and remembered. Stogie one of those lucky enough to see, experience the end of an era from the JOHN W. HUBBARD down to the DELTA QUEEN. 'Something' I now vaguely recall hearing was that Stogie was given reign by Capt. Tom to do his job with all that entailed with some later harboring a few bruises and scars. Neither Stogie nor Tom Greene suffered fools lightly.

I yanked that brown manila out with the photos from Capt. C.W. Stoll and there is Capt. Volney E. "Stogie" White snapped in a rather casual to humorous pose on a boat [It isn't the DELTA QUEEN] with his foot on on a cleat, cap tilted, coat unbuttoned and open with hand in his pocket and that cigar in his mouth as he half-smiles to a near laugh in the camera. Now that was a LONG time ago. I had totally forgotten about the "Capt. Stogie White Light, Ohio River mile 344.2 on the left bank." Thanks Bill for the information. Ummm...errrrr...YOU "over the hill?"

R. Dale Flick
Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati

Bob Reynolds 04-15-2015 10:36 PM

In asking this, I "Googled" "Capt. Volney 'Stogie' White" and came up with the transcript of a taped memoir he did. Very interesting along with what Bill and Dale have posted. Thanks, guys!

R. Dale Flick 04-16-2015 11:51 AM

*'Stogie' White GOOGLED*
Steamboating colleagues,
Morning, Bob. Thanks for the above including the link to click, pull up the "trascript of a taped memoir." No doubt something on my end I'm not doing right as I click but can't get it to open. I'll work with it later. Perhaps I need more time so it can fully open, download for viewing.

No doubt many to most here on either didn't know, didn't hear about 'Stogie' White as he one of the other 'old timers' dating way, way back. He was a character for sure ranking as one of the 'grand originals' as I term them. I heard somebody going on about how wonderful so and so was on the boats. Then one veteran who knew/worked under him say, "Ummmm, is THAT the same person I knew?" And then there are others now long, long gone but not forgotten. The message here is to seek the old timers out [Few to any left now], talk to them, ask questions, ask them to share for viewing photos or documents--especially the old time steamboat business materials. Again, what do I know?

R. Dale Flick
Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati

carole matthews 04-16-2015 01:22 PM

Captain Stogie White/
RE Dale Flicks 11 51 AM post. I could not get the memoir to come up either so don't feel alone Dale. May I recommend Keith Norringtons column titled The Old Boat column in the Waterways Journal? You will find ir in the back of this long published publication.It is all about the old steamboats and the people and memorabilia associated with them. It is very well written an just fascinating to read. Check it out The subscription is very reasonable. excuse spelling. Carole Matthews Pompano Beach Florida Dale did Captain Stogie get his nickname from his cigar smoking habit? Apparently so,

R. Dale Flick 04-16-2015 01:55 PM

*WWJ, Stogie White, Keith Norrington*
Hi, Carole,
Keith Norrington an old, old friend of mine for years. He does great with the 'Old Boat Column' in WWJ following the death of the late Capt. Alan Bates. Keith is right where he is doing what he loves and values so much. I first knew Capt. Donald T. Wright then the big name with the WWJ back in the late 1950s, early 1960s. I'm probably a lot older now than many suspect and will never see 70 again.

Did you ever get your subscription to the S&D REFLECTOR mailed in? We'd love to have you aboard. Keep up posting here. Hope all well down in Pompano Beach.

R. Dale Flick
Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati

Judy Patsch 04-16-2015 04:48 PM

hey Dale, Keith isn't THAT old!!! But yes you, I and many on .org have been privileged to know him long before he started writing that Old Boat Column. And speaking of the OBC, we were also fortunate to know not only his predecessor Alan Bates, but also the original author Jimmy Swift. Many of us do go back a ways!!!!

Bob Reynolds 04-16-2015 05:44 PM

Dale, Carole: this is a PDF file and will download to your computer, and you may then read it. It is not a separate web page. ;-)

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