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Judy Patsch 11-20-2014 04:56 PM

Live from the Levee a bit late
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I've been in NOLA since Monday and obviously have failed to post anything. Perhaps it was because my fingers were too frozen to type. It was 77 here Sunday, then I arrived Monday with the Arctic blast and it was 43. Tuesday was 49, Wednesday 59 and today finally hit 70. I'll post more later, with pix of some things different on the NATCHEZ, but for now who can tell me what is missing in this picture?

Judy Patsch 11-20-2014 04:58 PM

Hint: up closer
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Maybe this will help.........................

Matthew Cooper 11-20-2014 05:18 PM

front bridge wing
It is the front bridge wing or bell

Marcus J. Lynn 11-20-2014 06:13 PM

I'm Lost
No clue. something seems wrong, but I can't identify it.

Steve Huffman 11-20-2014 07:14 PM

Forecastle/jackstaff/nighthawk mast seems a bit shorter than usual?

Also no bunting (?)...

Those are my guesses...

Judy Patsch 11-20-2014 10:28 PM

One is correct!
There never has been a front bridge or nighthawk. There are signs about jazz, on the side railings. Bunting is usually for special occasions.
Steve got it: the jackstaff is shorter, by half and not by design! A week ago on a turnaround in a brisk breeze, the top section snapped off, landing on a railing. No one was around or injured. Apparently there was a ring which caught the dripping water over the years and the interior rusted away. One strong wind with the jack flag flapping did the trick. It will be restored over the January layup. They have a beautiful new pennant with NATCHEZ in the same lettering as on the bulkheads which I of course didn't get to see flying this trip.

Judy Patsch 11-23-2014 05:59 PM

Finally some pix from my NOLA visit
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I don't know what hit me this week, but I just couldn't get around to posting anything during my stay in New Orleans, maybe I was just lounging in my suite at Le Richelieu too much...
Anyway here are a few shots:
1) there's the half jackstaff as viewed from the pilothouse. It really is noticeably missing when you want to check the flag for wind. The river is at a very low stage, 2.7 ft. so you can see the sandbar emerging from Gov. Nic upriver towards the NATCHEZ. It still has a couple of hundred feet to go to be walkable like I did a couple of years ago to get those unusual headon shots of the NATCHEZ coming in for her landing.
2) At 2.7 feet, the main deck is totally obsured by the wharf and very few people venture down there while we are tied up. This view of the underside of the wharf is one reason there isn't much interest in this level until we get underway.
3) One of the changes this year is converting the Magnolia Suite into the Captain's Salon - sort of a glorified snack bar. About the only physical change was taking the long tables out and putting a few small round standup tables in. I guess you put in an order there and they take it back to the galley to fill. I didn't hang around there to observe operation or traffic. It appears they can still use it for private parties, although I think more changes are planned over layup. When I started working in 1984, I believe it was just a store room for supplies. In earlier years it had been an actual snack bar. Then came the Magnolia Suite incarnation and now the Captain's Salon (name supposedly not as 'feminine' as Magnolia Suite, why that would be important, beats me).
Speaking of the layup, it will be almost the whole month of January. Right in the middle they have to put the boat back together for a special one day charter and then go back into layup mode.

Judy Patsch 11-23-2014 06:11 PM

More pix
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1) One of the big changes in the harbor is the operation of the ferry system. It was started and run by the state of Louisiana in lieu of building more bridges. During this year the state turned the operation over to a private company. There no longer is a large car ferry at Canal Street, only the small pedestrian/bike ferry. One car ferry works the Chalmette/Algiers landing down at the lower end of the harbor, and there is no more Jackson Avenue ferry. This car ferry is laid up at their Algiers facility, where another one is being dismantled.
2) Local channel 8 did a feature during their morning show on Debbie Fagnano and the NATCHEZ calliope. Bubba has the link to it posted on his Facebook page. It highlighted the fact that Debbie is in her 25th year playing the NATCHEZ calliope.
3) And this magazine has a cover shot and article of the 'other' NATCHEZ calliope player, CCH - Capt. Clarke C. Doc Hawley. I think this is one of the best pictures I've seen of Doc in recent years. Sorry for the picture posting sideways.

Judy Patsch 11-23-2014 06:25 PM

Some sad B-K House news
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I had the privilege of renting the little apartment under the back porch of the Beauregard Keyes House for 23 years. This is the same place where Doc lived until he bought his house in 1978. I gave the place up 4 years ago when a new board member got the idea they could make more money off the apartment and so my rent was raised from $350 to $550 a month. For as little as I was living there, this was too expensive for me. Once the furniture was removed, the amount of repairs which was needed was obvious (Doc had warned them to no avail) - I didn't ask them to fix things, knowing their limited budget and my limited time there, so there was 23 years of wear and tear, and one flooding, to fix. They couldn't afford this, so just have used the apartment for storage since I left. Now they are forcing my neighbor Ott to vacate the large apartment over the slave quarters because it needs new electrical and plumbing, which they apparently can't afford. So there will no longer be anyone living at 1113 Chartres, and there won't be $10,000 in rent coming in to the Foundation yearly. So here are probably the last shots I'll see of my little home away from home.
1) The entrance as viewed from the courtyard.
2) The living room and kitchen
3) The bedroom and bathroom (when the flash went off and that mannequin showed up, it scared me sh..........)
RIP, BK apartments!

Judy Patsch 11-23-2014 06:37 PM

Closing on a happier note
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Here are some pix of the boat as Debbie is playing the pre boarding concert for the dinner cruise. Again, the river stage was low, 2.7 feet, so much of the boat isn't visible due to the wharf.
While the temps ranged from 43 to 70 during the day and it wasn't as pleasant to be outdoors as usual, the hospitality on the NATCHEZ was as warm as ever. As of January 1, Captains Steve Nicoulin and Don Houghton will have served in that capacity for 20 years, the same amount of time that Captains Doc Hawley and Roddy Hammett served. One of the pilots/alternate master, Capt. Steven Nicoulin, wasn't born yet when I started working on the boat...Time marches on, but the NATCHEZ keeps rolling on the river, one of two excursion steamboats still plying the rivers. Don't miss her if you ever get to New Orleans!

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