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Matthew Cooper 11-02-2014 04:20 PM

"Cooper" Steamboatmen
Does anybody know where I can find pictures of "Earl Cooper" or any of these other Cooper's mentioned ?

[url=]RootsWeb: COOPER-L [COOPER-L] Steamboatmen COOPERs, as Mentioned in Way's Packet Directory[/url]

The ten COOPERs I will be describing are as follows: Captain COOPER;
David COOPER, Engineer; E.C. COOPER, Owner; Earl COOPER, Owner; Captain
Ed B. COOPER; Frank COOPER, Pilot; Captain Harry COOPER, J.H. COOPER,
Clerk; Captain R. COOPER; and William COOPER, Owner. Please keep in mind
that some of these ten COOPERs might be "repeats" of the same person, so
the total number of individuals may very well be less than ten. For
example, we might find that "Captain COOPER" and "Captain R. COOPER"
were actually referring to the same person.

Marcus J. Lynn 11-02-2014 07:24 PM

Riverwater in your veins
Wow! If you have any relation, that's a long line of people in the steamboating business...that's neat! You've sure got riverwater in your veins.

Matthew Cooper 11-02-2014 07:32 PM

That's what i will like to find out
[QUOTE=Marcus J. Lynn;33716]Wow! If you have any relation, that's a long line of people in the steamboating business...that's neat! You've sure got riverwater in your veins.[/QUOTE]

That's what i will like to find out

R. Dale Flick 11-03-2014 06:25 AM

*Cooper family on the river*
Morning, Matthew & steamboating colleagues,
Mat, just catching up on .org after a long absence due to family illness, deaths out of town. It's been one long seige for sure but apparently I missed some things.

I don't know about locating actual photographs of your ancestors so mentioned above. I did pull down WAY'S PACKET DIRECTORY, 1849-1983 locating in his detailed index listings for your Cooper ancestors beginning on Pg. 531 & 532 with ten entries. If you have the PACKET DIRECTORY you'll also find the number listing each name with the steamboats or other vessels they worked on giving details as only Capt. Fred Way could do. You could consult the 'Cincinnati Room - Rare Books/Inland Rivers Collection,' Cincinnati Public Library here on Vine Street for any possible listing of photos of your ancestors. Hope this helps in some feeble way. Cheers!

R. Dale Flick
Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.

Carl Jones 12-10-2014 01:08 AM

I did a check of the easy data bases I have and came up with 23 Coopers. Edmund B. Cooper (1824-1911) and his older son Frank a pilot (1857-1923) and Earl a Capt, (1877-1955) is about the only family I found. I have not look at my books of steamboat licenses to see what is there. To put families together one has to go to the census or to public family trees, or Family search and hope some one has done the work.

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