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Taylor Abbott 06-07-2013 02:14 PM

Clarington-built "J.A. Cresap," now known as "Louise"
A few years back I remember being told that only one Clarington-built boat is still around to this day. It was built, I believe, in the late 1920s or 1930s and named J.A. Cresap. I found this bit of information below on an ancestry website:

"The only powered vessel still in existence that was built by Clarington's Mozena Yard is the "Louise", a small diesel towboat which was first known as the "J.A. Cresap" owned by the late Captain Joe Cresap, Moundsville, West Virginia. It towed coal and other things and later was known as the "Skipper". This wooden boat started with a gasoline engine, later used a more modern oil engine, and today has a diesel engine as the ones used on buses, trucks, and modern towboats."

Any information on the whereabouts and status of this boat would be greatly appreciated!

Steve Huffman 06-07-2013 03:22 PM

Built in 1923 at Mozena Brothers Boatyard, Clarington, OH, for Joe Cresap, of Moundsville, OH. Wood hull, 63' x 14' x 2.6'. Originally had 40-HP St. Marys gasoline engine. (later repowered with diesel engine).
1943 - Sold to Capt. Mason Crain, Aspinwall, PA. Renamed SKIPPER in 1945.
1946 - Sold to Leroy Cross, Rayland, OH.
1967 - Sold to C.W. "Bud" Daily, Toronto, OH. Renamed LOUISE.
1969 - Sold to Tom Corley, relocated to Panama City, FL and operated on Apalachicola and Chattahoochee Rivers.
1970 - Sold to Clyde Ryberg, Chisca, MN. Donated to city of Winona, WI in 1978, and allowed to sink.
1981 - Sold to Capt. Gary Frommelt (.org and S&D member). Raised and moved to Guttenberg, IA for restoration.
Today - Still hauled out and needs restoration completed.

Steve Huffman 06-08-2013 10:00 AM

If you want Gary Frommelt's email address, contact me at: [email][/email].

Bob Reynolds 06-08-2013 06:53 PM

Taylor, Gary is indeed the owner of the LOUISE. The last time I was up that way, she looked pretty good from what I could see. I do know that Gary had to do extensive hull work on her, and did this a number of years ago under the direct supervision of Capt. Walter Karnath. Gary couldn't have picked a better coach.

As you may know, Gary will be the featured speaker at S&D in September.

Taylor Abbott 06-10-2013 09:33 AM

Re: J.A. Cresap
Thanks for the info, Steve and Bob!

I appreciate the responses and have exchanged a few emails with Steve. I'm thrilled that she is still around and in good hands from what I understand. We've had a few folks ask us if any boats were still around that were built in Clarington and finally we have a definite answer! It's almost hard for me to believe and pretty bittersweet at the same time. We've several family members from both the Mozena and my family, the Thomas', who recall the family members who are now deceased that helped build her in Clarington. It's truly a small world.

Thanks again!


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