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electricity on steamboats

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No, I've noted a few explosions over the years involving vaporized viscus oils. One by a cutting torch and another by a welder. It was part of my job to investigate accidents in our plant for a number of years. One was where a natural gas line was severed by a railcar and the locomotive continued to sit and idle a few feet away. Propane was connected to that system but there was no fire or explosion. I was a member of the Fire Brigade that responded and there is a nice palm button on the side of the locomotive (where the crew had abandoned ship) that will shut down the engine from outside...I could not bring myself to push that button as the arcing might have set things alight. Probably not, but all was well so far with the engine idling and the gas roaring out of the ruptured line. This was a high pressure line outside the boiler house. Having fought oil, gasoline natural and propane gas fires, each has a unique set of properties and hazards. I have dealt with leaking propane and chlorine and all can be daunting. I'd rank gasoline right up there with propane as to danger. Propane tanks might be situated outside the house but it is piped INSIDE the house...and you don't ever see untrained people (I'd hope) dispensing it like you see gasoline done. Cap'n Walnut
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