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SSHSA 'ShiPosium' on N/S SAVANNAH*

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Default SSHSA 'ShiPosium' on N/S SAVANNAH*

Seamboating colleagues,
Interesting reading the recent postings RE: DELTA QUEEN on the top discussion thread in addition to Phillip Johnson's clarifications. Phillip and I both attended the recent Steamship Historical Society of America's Baltimore, MD four days May 17-20 in part on the retired nuclear ship N/S SAVANNAH. The 'ShipPosium' [copyright TM] featured a number of fine speakers/presenters. Not all river steamboats, but steam very much the interest and topic. Phillip, Lean Ann & Randy Ingram raced up from Washington, D.C. in good time--considering what I-95 is like driving.

Case Studies:
1. Nuclear Merchant Ship N/S SAVANNA by conservator Wayne Britz, President SAVANNAH Association. Later tours through the ship to passenger quarters, galleys, bridge, decks, reactor, turbine and engine spaces. Ship under MARAD and they are working close in a supportive manner as is the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The ship is magnificent and a real thrill to be aboard for the big National MARITIME DAY celebrations in the harbor.

2. SS BADGER, Lake Michigan Car Ferry represented by Pat MCCarthy, V.P. of Shore Operations, Ludington, MI. The BADGER operating on coal at present, has a 'stay' for several years as they explore technology of 'liquid gas [LPG] under pressure' for her boilers. Ash still ejected into the lake but with little no polluting factors of metals naturally found in coal.

3. Vintage U.S. Naval cruiser OLYMPIA of 1898 represented by Jesse Lebovics, Historic Ships, Independent Seaport Museum. Plans positive for further restoration/renovation/preservation of this vintage ship. She's the oldest such naval ship of her type in existence here or abroad.

4. Liner SS UNITED STATES represented by spunky, talented young Cassandra Alvarez, Development, and Greg Shutters, Communications with the UNITED STATES Conservancy. These two just-out-of-university young people talented. Grand-daughter of William Francis Gibbs, UNITED STATES designer, couldn't attend due to a busy graduation weekend but was well represented. Young people are indeed getting involved.

5. Steamboat DELTA QUEEN, LLC represented by Leah Ann & Randy Ingram, Phillip Johnson with fine PowerPoint on history of the DQ, present working assignment, future. Very well done garnering much close attention from the near 80 attendees with many questons/comments at the microphone in the SAVANNAH'S main lounge. Albert Hinkley, of ONA, spoke on his memories of the MISSISSIPPI QUEEN and again later at the Saturday evening banquet at the beautiful Maritime Academy just north of Baltimore. Good seeing Albert again after all these years since the MQ's initial shakedown cruise. Phillip Johnson also spoke most eloquently to questions.

Eight other presenenters gave shorter programs on vessels from W.W. [I]I Liberty ships, to vintage steam Great Lakes freighters, fireboats, tugs, Nantucket Lightship LV-112. A long, long day but most educational with many of us having our eyes opened about "how the other guys are doing it."

Steamship Historical Society's 2013 meeting in San Diego aboard the retried liner QUEEN MARY and I hope to attend. The 2014 meeting open at this point, but I joined their board mentioning Louisville, KY and the BELLE. I also gave the Howard Museum a big plug and another prime spot to visit/tour. More on this venue as thinking, planning distill. I was also asked to briefly present/discuss Sons & Daughters of Pioneer Rivermen. I learned SSSHA knows probably more about US than we do THEM. Such venues widen acquaitances, meeting new people, learning about preservation present and future. library/archival/curatorial skills and training.

R. Dale Flick
Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.
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