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Keith Norrington 02-16-2012 05:03 PM

"Specks from the Deck" of the Howard Museum
Work resumed today on our pilothouse replica in the backyard. The nameboards were installed, along with the pipe which will support the whistle. A slot is being cut into the floor to accomodate the authentic 8' pilotwheel.

Capt. Jamie Donohue came by and donated eleven framed photos, of the DELTA QUEEN, DELTA KING, MISSISSIPI QUEEN, ferry boat HENRY WATTERSON and one of the 1928 race between the AMERICA and the CINCINNATI.

The Kentucky Derby Museum has borrowed a steamboat model from the HSM for a year long exhibition entitled "Urban Bourbon".

Work is progressing on cleaning and re-filing (in new acid free folders) many records from the Steamboat Inspection Service, from the Capt. C.W. Stoll Collection.

Our photo magician, Jimmy Reising, is working at scanning numerous photos of the Howard family, many from Clyde Howard's scrapbook.

Workmen are making headway on the restoration of the laundry house, being funded by our capital campaign fund.

As I was closing up this evening, I looked out a second floor window just as a new barge slid down the ways at Jeffboat and made a BIG splash!

Always something going on at the Howard Steamboat Museum!

Jim Reising 02-18-2012 04:31 PM

You'd think that Clyde would have had the forethought to know that in 108 yrs from his taking the pictures some poor smock would be scanning them into a computer. If he had I'm sure he would have had requested that they be printed on gloss paper rather than semigloss so the focus would be better.

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