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'Antiques' on DELTA QUEEN from 1948 to now.

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Default 'Antiques' on DELTA QUEEN from 1948 to now.

Dear steamboating colleagues:
Many of you out there have far keener memories than I do. Interesting E=Mails have arrived here from Abigail Louise Howes in the state of Washington. Abigail is the grandaughter of the late Capt. Fred Hornbrook of old packet fame on the Ohio River. Capt. Fred (1872) died in the 1960s at age 95. GREENE LINE STEAMERS Purser Bob McCann took Capt. Fred's family down to see the then new DELTA QUEEN prior to her maiden trip. Abigail and her husband Bill were part of the visiting party. Capt. Hornbrook had been something of a mentor on the river to Bob in his early years and I even recall Hornbrook refering to the late Capt. Fred Way as "young Freddy." That's how far back Hornbrook dated.

It was pointed out to Abigail on the boat during that visits that there were "3 items on the DQ that had originated from one of Capt. Haornbrook's packets--either the SENATOR CORDILL, OUACHITA or LIBERTY." One was the large dinner bell. Abigail has forgotten what the other two items were.
She and her husband will be boarding the DELTA QUEEN here on September 27th for the Pittsburgh trip. I hope to see them at that time in one way or another shortly after they fly in. Abigail has likewise forwarded photo scans of letters and photos from her grandfather as I knew him in his last days here in a Cincinnati nursing home.

I remember the brass dinner bell but have no idea what the other 'items' may be. Capt. Don, Jimmy Reising, Jane Greene, Richard & Mary Stewart, Kenny Howe, Keith Norrington and others may recall something about this. Past postings mentioned the famed table used for puzzles etc. attributed to the boat's years on the Sacramento. Another item from old CALIFORNIA TRANSPORTATION CO. literature featured years ago a kind of metal (bronze?) statue near the Purser's Office representing something similar to Atlas holding up the world. [?] Wonder what ever became of that and it may have been removed in the days leading into World War II.

Another DQ item is the brass ship's chime clock [ding ding, ding ding] that either still--or once--was hung on a deck pillar across from the Purser's Office. I recall that clock being given to Capt. Tom R. Greene from the 'Cincinnati Propeller Club' and the late Capt. Marion Frommel 'may' have had a hand in the presentation. Capt. Bill Judd no doubt recalls the clock and its history. Any memories or leads would be appreciated. Good to be home from Michigan as I missed the web and all of your great postings.

R. Dale Flick
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