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Tom Schiffer 07-07-2010 06:16 PM

Boone County, Kentucky Steamboat/s
Boone County, Kentucky has about forty miles of river frontage on the Ohio River. Over the years of steamboating, there were several steam-powered ferries up to and including Boone No. 7 which still is occasionally in service albeit as a diesel-electric powered boat (since about 1947). The only packet boat that comes to my mind was the LEVI J. WORKUM (Way 3431), which was used by a distillery in Petersburg, Ky to carry its product to Cincinnati for trans-shipment. The WORKUM was acquired by L&C Packet Co, rebuilt and re-named KENTUCKY, where it plodded along making "enemies and money" according to Way. The Greene Line acquired her and "quietly chloroformed her" according to Way. A Greene Line calendar of 1965 (Greene Line's 75th anniverasry) sez they ran it from 1923 until 1931. The only photos of it that I know of are on said (JULY/AUG) calendar and in my Fourth Edition of the Ohio River Handbook (pp173). Are any other known to you folks? Are there any other packet or tow boats with provenance that includes ownership, being built there or servicing Boone County, Kentucky? Until the railroads came in the 1870s, Boone County commerce was geared to agriculture and shipping by river. I'd guess that the L&C would service Boone as it was between Louisville and Cincinnati, but I don't know that. Cap'n Walnut

Steve Huffman 07-07-2010 08:11 PM

You might find some interesting info and photos for Boone County at this link:
[url=]Northern Kentucky Views: Boone County[/url]

Tom Schiffer 07-07-2010 09:59 PM

Steve: I found the steamers CAROLYN and the DART but no info in Way about them but did find some things of interest. Thanks for the reference. Cap'n Walnut

Judy Patsch 07-07-2010 11:12 PM

photos of the KENTUCKY
3 Attachment(s)
Tom, I didn't check the books/photos you had, but here are the two I have of the KENTUCKY. The third one of the KENTUCKY's cabin, I presume is of that boat, rather than of the other KENTUCKY which became the TENNESSEE BELLE. This cabin is small and austere, and you can almost 'see' the uneven lengths of the rooms to which F. Way referred.

Tom Schiffer 07-08-2010 08:57 AM

Judy: You are quite correct about Fred Way's prose, and, yes, this entry is a classic. I have quoted parts of it to others many times over the years. I'll hafta look up the citation on Gasboats that Alan mentioned. I would suppose that Fred had the same view of gasboats that "Rags" the Greene Line dog had. Neither of your pix duplicates what I found. The one of the cabin IS, I feel the Greene Line KENTUCKY. What is their source? Cap'n Walnut.

Richard Weisenberger 07-08-2010 09:30 AM

Boone #7
You will find some good pictures, links and information about Boone #7 right here in our group at
[url=]Boone No. 7 Anderson Ferry |[/url]

Growing up in Northern Ky, I was introduced to the Anderson Ferry as a small child by my parents and have ridden on Boone #7 a number of times. I introduced it to my wife and son myself years ago. Until now I never had any idea it was ever steam powered. This group provides us with valuable information that even those growing up in the area did not know. Did #7 ever have a whistle?

Shipyard Sam 07-08-2010 09:41 AM

Wasn't the DONALD B (BARBARA H) working the sand fleet downstream of Anderson's ferry before you bought her? I remember seeing the DB there on many occasions. Wouldn't that make the BARBARA H a Boone County boat, of sorts?

Steve Huffman 07-08-2010 10:31 AM

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There was a CAROLYN that towed the ferry at Lawrenceburg before 1917. It was a gasboat. It was later used as a small packet/towboat between Louisville and points on the Kentucky River.

I have this info, and a photo:

CAROLYN, gas boat, built at Madison, Ind., in 1907, owned in 1915 by Sam Woodford, Savannah, Tenn.

Vevay Newspaper Mid-August 1917:
"John C. Heady has been a business visitor to Louisville this week. While there he purchased the gasoline towboat CAROLYN which he will use to carry freight to and from Louisville."

Steve Huffman 07-08-2010 10:37 AM

Could be. The Donald B was owned by Brookbank Sand & Gravel until late 2000, when I bought it. In 2000 the boat was only active in the Maysville/Aberdeen area, but they did work with Hilltop Resources(?) down in the Boone County area (Indiana side) and could have made trips to Belleview. Prior to 1940, when the Brookbanks bought it, the boat had towed Red Crown Gasoline in the 20s and 30s, mainly between Marietta and terminals on the lower Big Sandy River.

Tom Schiffer 07-08-2010 01:15 PM

Richard: In the summer of 1955, I worked for Arcose Construction who were building houses in Covedale at that time. I lived in Park Hills and rode the ferry every work day in my '37 Ford over and back. I would take Amsterdam Rd down Dry Creek and over the ferry, up Anderson Ferry Road to Cleves/Warsaw or wherever we were building at the time. Becoming friendly with Mr Kottmeyer...then owner of the ferry, he told me about the conversion to diesel in 1947...not too many years before. He said he still had the steam engines. In later years, I photographed BOONE NO. 7 locked in the ice in 1962 and rode it at Tall Stacks when it was a ferry across the mouth of the Licking Covington/Newport. It is certainly a Boone County icon. It is still moored near the Constance Ferry landing and not in use daily use but appears in fine condition. I assume that it is a diesel/electric else an engineer would of needs man the "offside" wheel. Cap'n Walnut.

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