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D.Q., M.Q. Boilers

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Default D.Q., M.Q. Boilers

I'm far from a expert on boilers and a good deal of this is what I have heard others, with much more background, talk about.
The boilers in both boats are very dated compared to what is available on the market today.
The fuel used by both is #6, or black oil. It was at one time almost a waste product and inexpensive. Today due to lack of demand, it is very costly and hard to find pratical refueling places.
Even converting either boat to Diesel Fuel would not be cost effective due to the poor preformance inhairent of either set of boilers.
Older style boilers were put together on site where as todays boilers are of the "Package" type and placed on location as all one unit.
Anyone who was truly intrested in operating the D.Q. again would be $$$$ ahead by replacing the current boilers with modern, higher efficency, #2 fueled boilers.
Chief Fred Rich reserached this during the '08 season and came up with figures that would have the boilers paying for themselves within 5 years.
The maintenance on the newer boilers is also much less that what the current boilers require.
The U.S.C.G. would also look much more favorable on the newer boilers.
Most passengers could care less about where the steam comes from and those that do would most likely applaude the mating of modern tech. with keeping the older boat alive.
While the D.Q. boilers might have some historical value, the scrap yards are full of M.Q. style boilers.
This is just my opinion but the M.Q. boilers were a poor choice from the begining and attempting to repower the D.Q. with them would also be a poor choice.
As much as I hate it, bring the D.Q. out will be about $$$$. It is my hope that if she is ever to return to river service, whoever does it will be willing to avoid the pitfalls of the past. Spend the $$$$ up front to bring her back to service and realize that any mechanical system requires a certain amount of upkeep and cost to operated at peak efficenty.
Much like a certain oil filter commerical, "Pay me now, or Pay me later". The up front $$$$ is cheaper in the long run.
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