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A Very Hard Delta Queen Question

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Default A Very Hard Delta Queen Question

I have a very hard question to ask. This is perhaps a "pie in the sky" question. A Coast Guard friend of mine who retired a few years before I did called me the other day and asked this question. Let me preface that this guy is Naval Architect and pretty knowledable. He knows of my keen interest in steamboats and especially the DQ. He asked me if it was ever considered if the DQ was sold towed to a shiyard where a exact duplicate would be built in all steel and every consevable item from the original DQ be transferred to the new boat. Paddle wheel, engines, whistle, calliope, furniture, staine glass, lighting fixtures, capstan, stage, wood bars, stair cases, you name it transfer it. He thinks this would be a way to preserve the queen. In the past the MQ was built "bigger and better" than the DQ. This project would be a total exact copy. No changes to the design. The infastructure would be new (e.g. plumbing, wiring etc.) but the things that we all see and love about the DQ would be preserved. I have always feared that a fire could happen now that she is docked and we will have her no more. I believe many of the wood fixtures could be used, since the bulkheads and superstucture would be steel. It is a very hard question, but it is one that has given pause. I wonder...
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