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Graceful Ghost update

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Default Graceful Ghost update

I have been asked about tours on the Graceful Ghost. For those who don't know yet, we no longer own the Graceful Ghost. We sold it about a year ago and it has been operated by Capt. Ron Gibbs. All last year, someone who has not 2 brain cells to rub together, kept rattling the Coast Guard's cage about the Graceful Ghost, so they finally had to do an inspection. Amazingly, the boat passed inspection except for stability, so it is not allowed to operate with more than 6 passengers until the stability issue is remedied. I was surprised to find that the sponsons we had installed on the Ghost years ago had been removed and replaced with some new sponsons that apparently did not work. So now they have to pull the boat out of the water and put the old sponsons back on, or beef up the new ones. We were not consulted about the new sponsons, although we suggested beefing up the old ones when the boat was out of the water this past winter. If this had been done, I have no doubt the boat would have passed.

And, as expected, the CG has told every tour boat operator on Caddo Lake that they can carry no more than 6 passengers, which is going to hurt the very whistle blower who brought all this on. A lot. Also, every tour boat operator is being required to get a license. The person who ratted on one boat ended up ratting on everybody including themselves.

In defense of the CG, they really wanted nothing to do with the Caddo Lake operations, and were forced to respond to someone who just wouldn't shut up.

The owner of the Ghost says he doesn't have enough money to pull the boat out of the water ($5000) plus the cost of new sponsons. He is currently doing tours on a pontoon boat and trying to raise money.

I will update this situation as I learn more.
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