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Fred Carmichael 05-01-2010 09:56 AM

D.Q. Print Info.
I picked up a print of the D.Q. done by William E. Reed 1968.
The boat is flying the Green Lines flag. Not being well versed in Steamboat Art History. What can anyone on the board tell me about either the print or artist?

inactive user 02 05-01-2010 11:17 AM


You've picked up a great print of the DELTA QUEEN. It is one of the most historically accurate oils of the boat you are likely to find. William E. Reed was an avid steamboat fan and first rate artist. He did a number of steamboat paintings. I have a print of one of them, an really beautiful oil of the GRAND REPUBLIC, a hige sidewheeler, above my bed.

She was still flying the Greene Line pendant until 1970 when the ONA take over pretty much pulled it from the mast. Correct me if I am wrong (and there is a good chance I am) but wasn't the Greene Line Pendant up on the mast the last cruise? Seems to me I read somewhere that the crew pulled the ONA pendant down and put the Greene Line one back up for that cruise.

When she came back out in 1971 the ONA pendant was up till they were sold to Coke...then the pendant read DQ till the early 1980's. From that time forward it became tradition to fly the state flag for the state they were landing in next on the forward mast (also known as the Kingpost).

I am sure many others will chime in with more info on Mr. Reed. He was a very revered steamboat fan and quite the artist. Some of the old timers on these boards knew him well. I was a newbie on the scene back then and can't say that I ever had the fortune to meet him. I want to say he died kinda young of something sudden in the early 1970's if memory serves me right.


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