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Steam Engine & Equipment

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Old 04-07-2009, 04:05 PM
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Everything is a trade-off. Stroke of the engine is limited by the crank pin offest, which is limited by the water line to crankshaft distance (you really don't want to dip your bearings in the water each revolution--although some might argue that that would keep the bearings cool). Then there is the practicality of distance of stroke. Valve timing gets in here now too. Diameter of wheel, number of paddles, size of wheelshaft. . . I think you might get my drift. Wheelshaft too small=cracked shaft. bearings too small=overheated, failing. Hull/engine bed not strong enough. the whole thing will rack as it goes around under power. Lotsa stuff here to consider! Seems the DQ designers musta got it right, as she ran for over 80 years, and can still run if'n a little law could get updated.
Me? I just overbuild everything--I could tell you a story about a box kite that never made it up in the air! As I age, I am finding out that "build it for stout" is sometimes not best! :)
David D.

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