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Final (08) AQ on UMR pix

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Old 10-23-2008, 07:33 PM
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Safe bet!

Capt Harold has been a damn good, loyal friend to me and Deb over the years, and I know for a fact that he reads this forum. He knew stuff about me and Deb that could only be gleened from our little band of lunatics that we call A cruise with Capt. Harold always meant that my sleep was deeper! And, damn, can he make the AQ dance! We've been privileged to be at his Captain's table a few times, always a great experience, good times by all.

He's one of the good ones, the good guys, there are a quite a few, that Deb and I have such fun having remembrances, do you know what we mean? And of course there are the pictures. We wish with both our hearts that we will be able to talk face to face again, someday, to all of them.

I may have to do that in the next few days...spend a little bandwidth to describe Deb's and my feelings of each and every crewmember that made our day, Gawd, could be the task from Hell, be it all three boats, MQ, AQ and DQ...but the crew, yes the three boats, mean so much to us, could be worthwhile, to us and, hopefully, to them.

I was told many moons ago to never mention crew by name on, that the union would get their panties in a bunch if I did. I got a flash for the union, I don't give a rat's anymore, you guys are lower than pond scum, you guys just flat out **** hind ***(and Franz, I'm sorry for my thoughts, I put in the *** without computer help, knowing that it isn't allowed, but it gets my feeling across) ...I'm thinking I may need, may have to do this, you crewmembers cannot realize the impression you left. Damn, we love you all...

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