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the Pilot, the Engineer and the Chief...

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This thread has caught my interest as my experience with both the B of L and AQ has shown very different technology in the telegraph and the use of Z drives. The AQ's telegraph was nice, neat, and compact. However, it was an electronic device that had its "glitches" (during landings or departures, of course) that would leave me cussing and wishing I was using the old mechanical telegraph on the Belle! Neither was it nearly as dramatic and expressive for the pilot to give commands--getting an emergency full ahead didn't really get your attention from a little red light as it was to see that dial flying around that telegraph and making a racket with the bell. There was one instance on the AQ at a landing when the packing on the stbd. throttle valve stem was gradually blowing out as we made maneuvers towards Natchez. The noise became painfully loud for everyone (including Chief Rich--a rare occurrence)! I couldn't hear the telegraph's bells and had to stare intently at the tiny red lights on the telegraph board to give me any indication of what was happening. It also made me wish I had only one throttle valve to manage.
As far as the Z drives go, I learned which pilots relied on them more than others. I remember one pilot when coming on his watch while we were cruising along would immediately slow the steam engines down, throttle up the Z drives, and set the rudders on center as he used the Z drives for steering during his entire watch. In fact, this pilot often went to a "dead slow" on the steam engines, and I was tempted to ask him on those occasions if he would rather just secure the steam engines to save on our steam! There were other pilots doing exactly the opposite. From a steam engineer's perspective, I would much rather listen to the steam engines running a "full ahead" than the rattle from the Z drives as they shook the AQ's stern when making any maneuver moving off center was necessary.
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