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A couple DQ tidbits..

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Default A couple DQ tidbits..

Reading Capt. Way's book published in 1951 is always a joy and I recently picked it up again. Just the perspective makes it so enjoyable because the vast majority of the ole gal's history had yet to occur when that book came out. Anyhow looking at the photos I come up with some questions...

1. What happened to her wheel? When was it removed infavor of the current hydraulic steering levers? Did she original have steam assisted steering such as that on the Belle with vertical levers and foot brakes slowed or stopped the wheel?

2. What was her rudder arrangement when she entered Green Line service, did she have her original four main rudders? At which point in time did she loose two of her mains for two larger ones and the monkey rudders?

3. When did she get her steam bow thruster installed?

4. Is her current whistle the original whistle to the boat from 1925? Interesting note, in a conversation with Stan Garvey some years ago, the King's original stack still exists, being used as a small tool shed in someone's yard/field in CA, that was as of almost a decade ago, it may no longer exists sadly.

5. Since we're talking about original equipment now...what happened to the lifeboats from the DQ as they were removed over the years? Did any survive and end up in private hands? Any exist today?

Just some little facts I have been wondering it, and thought it could generate some interesting conversation. Please anyone and everyone contribute!

Long live the Delta Queen!

Phillip Johnson
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