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chris harris 02-28-2007 12:24 PM

glass bpttom sidewheeler in California.....
I had contacted someone for this sidewheeler when he was losing his dock space .. and have lost contact witht them, and did not know if it sold or not ....problem was getting it over on the east coast as no one wanted to touch it with the glass bottom . Does any one know of the where abouts of this boat ?my computer crashed and lost al linfo for th boat so any help appreciated .
It was used for weddings and called "the wedding boat" on a web page for it when it was running.

thanks chris

Pete Baker 02-28-2007 06:44 PM


I don't know if this is "your" sidewheeler" but it's listed as the Wedding Boat.




[B][I]Phoenix Sinks

The M.V. Phoenix was sold to Rick Parker who was taking her up the coast to Martinez, near San Francisco, to be used as a restaurant. About 8 AM, June 11,(2006?) the Phoenix was just off the coast of Malibu when she started taking on water and sank in 550 feet of water. No one was hurt. [/I][/B]


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