Pete Serodino sent me to examine the hulk of the Charles F. Richardson at the MVBL Landing in Cincinnati. The boat was huge. I was astonished at the WEIGHT of everything aboard. The columns supporting the boiler deck were 8" in diameter and strong enough to carry a moving locomotive. Gigantic beams carried the steel upper deck, which was of heavy steel plate. The cabin arches, loaded with Victorian flub-dub, were still in place although the stateroom bulkheads were missing. Everything was gray with dirt and age. In Way's Directory the remark is made that this was the only towboat that did nothing during WW II.
The idea was to make a restaurant/night club of it. It was towed to Serodino's for alterations, but there was so much rot, rust and corrosion they dismantled it. Instead a huge imitation sidewheeler was built and parked across from Cincinnati, where it failed.