I would like to thank the Howard Steamboat Museum for another successful Chautauqua Festival. As Capín Walnut and Keith said, the weather cooperated for a perfect weekend and it was great to meet up with so many steamboat friends. Yvonne Knight, the staff, and ALL the MANY volunteers that it takes to put on such a successful event deserves a huge amount of praise and support. As Keith said, there is always need for more help. I am always amazed as I stand off to the side doing my organ grinding thing to watch how hard all the volunteers are working to make this event happen. You donít notice it if you are there as a visitor to enjoy the event because they all do their jobs so well. So many things are happening at once, from the people cooking and serving food to coordinating the entertainment, keeping the grounds clean, selling tickets, etc, etc. Never mind all the meetings, planning, and preparations that take place long in advance of this event. It is that kind of dedication that keeps the doors of the Howard Steamboat Museum open for all enjoy. My hat if off to all of you!