Dear Jim:
Glad you think there's merit in the 'Alexandr Lakier, 1857 trip to America.' There's lots more for sure and Michael Marleau has forwarded a fine art rendition of the Str. PHILADELPHIA which Lakier took from St. Louis to New Orleans. That will appear in time. Thursday's posting in Lakier's words does mention racing with "deer antlers and horseshoes" being given to the steamboat winning. First time I heard of horseshoes being awarded.

Just today I was entrusted with a small pocket diary from the year 1867 written by a young woman aboard steamboats in that year. Penmanship is small and needs deciphering. I'll examine, scan copy and hope to find some interest and worth. Another diary--not pure steamboats--is written by a British sailor with pen drawings on the skinking of a sail ship in 1810. The cover, in sailor tradition, is sewn with cloth and fine stitches like a sail maker would have done then. Hope to share more steamboat history between now and when I leave for the summer. There will, hopefully, be material for next fall.

R. Dale Flick