May I re-post Travis's message from the Old Board so folks can follow all that's happening in Looieville this weekend? Why, we might close down the shipyard for a day, maybe two, and come on down, too. There's a boat that's much like JIM'S DREAM that we want to see while we're in the area.

"On the 19th and 20th of May there will be a River Life Festival in Louisville KY. at Cox's Park in east Louisville.

The Steamer BELLE OF LOUISVILLE, The Kentucky Theatre, and U.S. Marine Hospital are banding together to pull off a great festival of River Life education.

One of the events merits announcing here, as it is a truly once in a life time opportunity. That is a recreation of a Packet Boat in real life featuring the Steamer BELLE OF LOUISVILLE.

On Saturday 20, May, 2006 the Steamer BELLE OF LOUISVILLE will depart the 4th Street Wharf at 12:00pm in downtown Louisville and head to Cox's Park (the landing for the boat in the early 1970's while the 4th Street Wharf was converted into what we have today). with an anticipated landing at Cox's Park of 12:45pm.

Here she will board additional passengers (walking freight in the case of this Packet Boat Run) for a short excursion upriver to return to Cox's Park (to drop off walking freight) approximately 2:15pm.

At 2:30pm the boat will depart for an anticipated return to Louisville at 4th Street of 3:00 pm.

Of course all times are subject to navigating conditions. And you can ride any portion of the cruise you want....or the whole thing from 4th Street back to 4th Street for only one small fare!

If you would like to visit the River Life Festival you will have an arm band which will act as your ticket to get back on the boat to travel back to Louisville.

How many times in recient history have you had the opportunity to go on an authentic steamboat cruise with a destination with in the cruise?

The cost is $15.00 adult and $6.00 child. You can board at either Downtown Louisville at the 4th Street Wharf or Cox's Park or ride the whole thing.

This will be a sight seeing excursion and I will be aboard playing the calliope and narrating the cruise. As well, I will be Emceeing a short historic music programme on the history of Jazz Music (part of one I used to do as Riverlorian on the DELTA QUEEN) and its link to the river excursion boat as part of the River Life Festival.

The Steamer BELLE OF LOUISVILLE will feature her Concession Stand, Souvinier Stand, and bar on all portions of the cruise.

For further information and reservations please call the BELLE office at (502) 574.2992 or (866)823.0011 and come out and see us on this history making cruise. It will be fun no matter which portion of the cruise you make."