Young dance bands are the bane of excursion boat crews. By the time musicians reach the age of 30 years they are willing, even eager, to quit on command. The young WANT to perform as ego salve or simple enthusiasm. Excursion boat crews want the people to get the heck off the boat so they can go home. Thus mates and young musicians are not compatible.
We used to tell young band leaders when to stop and flatter them by saying, "Professionals know when to quit." That seldom worked. However, there was a main switch in the engineroom that controlled the bandstand outlets. When the kids would start another tune we would flip the switch and suddenly there would be an unaccompanied drum solo. Since 1960 this was a fail-safe system, for guitars and electronic pianos don't work without juice.
The next time the same band played aboard we didn't have to tell them.