Lexie's remark about towboat food brought on this tirade.
I was reared on plain food, fully cooked meats, boiled vegetables, home-made bread, etc. When I made my one and only trip on the Delta Queen as a guest lecturer, I was obliged to eat with the passengers. There were plates on top of plates and an annoying array of silverware that was snatched away before the meal was served. The food was good, not exceptional, excepting for the green beans. I still wonder who dyes them that bilious green, that horrible too-green green. The flavor was that of evergreen wood, perhaps larch. The texture was poly-whatever rope.
Not being inclined to bite the hand that was feeding me, I complained only to my granddaughter, who had made friends with everyone aboard including the cook. The next evening there was a huge pile of fully cooked green beans on my plate, boiled in the juice of a ham hock. The rest of the people at our table looked on with envy as they chewed on their bright green manila ropes disguised as beans.