I am curious about the following items about the Delta Queen that I have seen in pictures posted or linked to this forum. I apologize that you may have to bounce around a bit to see the various pictures I'm curious about...

The first question concerns Jon Tschiggfrie's pictures on his website. Jon, under the "miscellaneous pictures" section, pictures 130, 131 and 132 show a partial paddlewheel and shaft that are now a monument on land, are these pictures of the old DQ wheel shaft that cracked? You took a close up picture of the crack...Wonderful pictures on your website by the way, thanks! And as a follow-up question, was there ever found out a reason why the shaft cracked? Or was it chalked up to bad luck?

The next curiosity is a picture on page 15 of the dot.org blog. There is a wonderful bow-on picture of the DQ in her Sacramento river days. What was the function of the triangular little building/room that used to be on the deck of the bow?

The last concerns a picture on page 18 of the dot.org blog. The picture shows the DQ being finished up with her retrofit at Dravo in Pittsburgh the winter of '47/'48. When the boats were in California, were the passengers allowed on the roof? Or were the sun deck stairs to the roof shown in the picture (where the calliope is today) something that was added by the Navy during the war?

Thanks all, Bruno