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Thread: Louisville Steamboat Race pictures

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    Default Louisville Steamboat Race pictures

    Travis has sent beautiful pictures from this years Great Steamboat Race at Louisville. here is the link to the photo album: Louisville Steamboat Race 2006.


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    Great pics, Travis. My heart especially goes out to the one of Captain Kevin hosing-off the bow before guests boarded the BoL. It brings to mind a saying this illustrious Captain, who rose from the deck to Master of the BELLE, once told an attentive group assembled on his boat as he revealed his perspective as being the Captain of a mighty fine steamboat : "Once a deckhand," Capín Kevin said, "always a deckhand." Anyone who has followed that same path will hold those golden gems of wisdom close to their own heart.

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    Travis, what beautiful pictures. The one of the SUSAN McBRIDE is magnificent. I will print a copy of it and give it to Capt. G.W.McBride. The SUSAN is his pride and joy and I'm sure he'll be thrilled to get this picture.

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    Another Thanks, Travis!--from Margaret Swan

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