Cap'n Walnut hove off to the Howard Museum do yesterday with Ms Carol Schiffer and Ms Nan Freking. They found the weather delightful and the grounds filled with plants, booths, displays reinactments and such...Ted G was there with his monkey, saw Kenny Howe, Keith Norrington, Bill Judd & Mrs., Jim Reising and others too numerous to name...Ted issued a certificate to the Cap'n certifying that he would not play Marchin' thru Georgia on any organ, any time, any place. I think that he is safe in that pledge. Missing were any number who were paying homage to the BELLE on board either as crew or pax. The Community Band was excellent and when they deigned to play Rossini and Donezetti, the day was complete. If you could keep both feet on the floor during the "BARBER", you are likely over due at the undertakers! Thus sayeth the good Cap'n.