Dear steamboating colleagues:
Hate to bother you all with a request. Today I received an E=Mail inquiry asking if somebody had any photos of the last ISLAND QUEEN showing the orchestra platform with Clyde Trask and his group. I've none here but do recall as a young squirt the orchestra and Clyde playing his glistening trumpet. My correspondent's father-in-law played with the band on the boat but, fortunately, was not aboard when she exploded and burned Sept. 1947. I'll send Gail names/addresses of libraries/archives here in Cincinnati that may have some in their collections. Another band from time to time was that of the late Jack Teegarten [Sp?] and I recall his daughter being one of the gang I hung out with drinking Cokes and swimming laps in the big 'Sunlite Pool' at old CONEY ISLAND.

I vaguely...dimly...recall the newspapers here running squibs when Clyde Trask passed away. [*1970s?] I recall the ISLAND QUEEN's orchestra platform being in the middle--possibly on the port side--and not at the end similar to the BELLE OF LOUISVILLE or other excursion vessels. There were lots of big red/white/blue American fan shaped banners hanging from above and along the stand. The dance floor was wood and highly polished. Mother, age 90, also recalls at times either artificial or real potted palms around the band. Photos here show big loud speakers mounted on the top of the IQ to blast out the music from below and on warm summer nights you could hear it from shore. Well, that was a long time ago and what do I know?
Thanks for time and attention.

R. Dale Flick