Finally, here in 2017, there is a potential of building a flatboat in Charleston, West Virginia, because one man in Kanawha County wants to donate his standing timber for the project and film the lumbering and the building and the first ride. Lots of funding needs to be proposed and granted. Notwithstanding, I used Google Earth to pick six potential sites on the riverbanks to build the flatboat. We will do trips from Charleston to Cincinnati, as documented in National Geographic publications, in our first year. Eventually, we plan to start at the Head of Navigation in Fairmont, WV, and, after many side trips, end up in New Orleans in 2026 as our way to celebrate the semi-quincentennial of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.
Because a flatboat is as flat as a pancake, when we meet up with the beautiful steamer Natchez., the newspaper headline might read "Short Stack meets Tall Stack."