*Letha Greene's 'insights*
Morning, Steamboating colleagues,
Jim, right you are RE: Letha Greene's statements and 'insights' during her tenure as president/CEO of the former GREENE LINE STEAMERS. Letha was no fool being well educated; then marrying Capt. Tom Greene and into the Greene family. I knew Letha for years, talking to her often down to not long before her health failed and her death. She had other statements she often would mention in a soft, low voice with one being, "I learned a lot and the hard way." Another was, "The river steamboat business one of the hardest to be in. You have a marine operation, crew, officers, food and beverage, hotel division, entertainment department, home office--and I inherited it all." I often wondered how she could lay her head down for a night's sleep with all the headaches, problems, unanticipated issues that hovered around her 24/7/52. And along with this she had four children to raise, a home to maintain. She mentioned also how both she and the company were nervous watching the berthing books on arriving reservations for the Mardi Gras trip as that usually set the tone for the new year with the DQ. "And we often thought long and hard about how many standing prime ribs of beef we could purchase for the boat looking at our finance books." When Mardi Gras trip departure date approached she mentioned often turning, tossing at night worrying about a possible flood, bad weather or even river ice." Another was, "When we hired a new captain, or other officer for the boat, we often wondered what we were getting with the 'full package.'" Yeah, steamboating is really warm, fuzzy, romantic and wonderful isn't it?

R. Dale Flick
Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati