*Christmas with Commodore Laidley?*
Hi, Frank,
Thanks for words above. I posted the story for Thanksgiving and read later. One or two 'typos' crept in and I don't know how but it often happens when you hit POST. I've been thinking about Laidley's Christmas not only in 1895 but other years just before and after down to the bitter end with his beloved LOUISVILLE & CINCINNATI PACKET LINE. Capt. Ellis Mace worked for and with Laidley for years putting down in ink and type many anecdotes, observations, quotes, letters they exchanged. With Laidley the going could be rough but Mace held him in high regard and praise in due time. Sure, I may embroider some anecdotes about him that were pretty much accepted as fact at the time from people who either didn't know him or knew him fleetingly. Remember, Laidley did NOT come from a poor family by any stretch.

Capt. Don Sanders and I well remember, at various times, hearing the late Albert Kelly when on the DELTA QUEEN tell about memories of the Commodore and his family as he, Kelly, had worked for him in his early years. Kelly well recalled the Laidley daughters and son Rook in his time. And I recall even Capt. Doc Hawley recounting meeting son Rook Laidley. That whole family situation with the son and daughters in time began to sound like a Gothic novel.
Heard plenty about your recent QM2 crossing the other week. More in time. Keep in touch and let's all get back to posting here on .org.

R. Dale Flick
Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.