*Pluto Water/Unfit to drink*
Afternoon, Jim,
Yes, I heard something about 'Pluto Water,' chemicals, minerals etc. but not the whole story. We've been to 'French Lick' several times with friends for weekends enjoying the amenities. I never drank 'Pluto' there so assume it was off the table by our time. The food was really great, I remember. Rooms were very large WITH TWO full baths, lavatories in case, I guess, two in a room once got 'hit' with the water at the same time. Correct me, but I heard then that one famous food was developed there with it possibly tomato juice. [?] I don't think it was Gazpacho as that was from either Mexico, Spain or someplace. I did use the gym, immersed in the hot mineral water with it smelling like you say. The springs are cold and not hot volcanic with them heating the spring water in a big system. It was nice but even then appeared to need a full renovation. Aren't there now condos?

R. Dale Flick
Old Coal Haven, Ohio River, Cincinnati