*Boarding House/Skating rink*
Morning, Steamboating colleagues,
Frank, you've got me rolling on the floor here with "Pluto Water;" Jim, you have me hooked on your next story. This the stuff another great American novel or biography could be written. I understood Loretta and Jim's early courtship, marriage had some friction, bumps at first with the family. Loretta not only a very lovely lady all her life, but possessed with whit, charm and a very keen mind that served the Howards and the yards well in due time. You and Kenny Howe probably knew her longer than any of us as you were kids hanging around the then mansion, assisting in photo projects etc. I also met Loretta as a young teen. She handed me free gratis some of those fine photo reproductions and a little pencil kit used for desk work over in the old shipyard office. She said, "I simply can't understand why all of you young people today are so interested in all of this old steamboat stuff." That said it all. I remember my first 'peek' in the old Carriage House out back looking in seeing steamboat wonders never dreamed: old stateroom doors, cabin arches, furniture, relics from boats stacked here and there. It was like looking in a telescope to the past. Loretta was hooked on steamboats and so were we. Keep it up, Jim.

R. Dale Flick
Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati