Yes, Dale Jim and Loretta had a skating rink in Columbus, Ind. before and after their wedding (they were married in Columbus). They ran the rink for about four years. Jim thought that a rink in Columbus would be a money maker; roller skating was extremely popular in the early years of the last century. Loretta managed the rink on a full time basis and Jim would come up on the weekends. Loretta lived in a boarding house for ladies and Jim would stay in a hotel. As Jim said in his later years......"if the rink had a good week I would rent the $1.25 deluxe room, if the week wasn't so good it'd be the $1.00 standard room", Loretta must have been a good manager because they paid off the bank loan in about a year and a half. After they were married, they bought a house in Columbus where they lived until the shipyard business picked up requiring all of Jim's time. They dismantled the rink....shipped the maple floor to Jeff and used the wood on boats they were building.