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Thread: Coast Guard Boo-Boo !!

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    Default Coast Guard Boo-Boo !!

    All rivermen and river rats need to pull up the New Orleans TV station report and vidio on the arrival of the U.S. C. G. Cutter CYPRESS 210 at Wolenberg Park with the Zulu King and Queen and a large number of officials on board. I thought it was making a "hot" landing but it gets better as the Cutter sounds the danger signal. And they want to tell us how to run our boats!!!!

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    I'm glad that I'm not the only one to see the great irony in what happened down yonder with the USCG in the past day or two.

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    I watched a video of this, and Iíll play the ďdevilís advocateĒ here. First off, I have been on two boats that when I went to back up, a valve on the reduction gear did not work (Dublin valve?) and when I put her in gear to back up, she came ahead. Also, knowing as I do how old the USCG fleet is and how they defer maintenance, Iím surprised they are able to do as much as they can. Finally, with the river at 16.5 feet at NOLA, you know that eddy was working strong. Yes, it may well have been pilot error, but it could have been a number of other things as well, or a combination of things. As we come to find out, pictures donít always tell the whole story.

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    Morning Bill and all,

    Where can I find the video? Looking up the Cyprus on wiki I see she is the second to carry that name. I take it this Cyprus is the new one? Keep your steam up! Russ

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    Good Morning. I found a video clip of it on the website. It was still there this morning, just scroll down.

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    *RE: Coast Guard Boo-Boo*
    Steamboating colleagues,
    Thanks for the tip off above. Rob, I also receive GCaptain here and will call up to see what all of this is about. Well, 'things' do happen with, no doubt, other incidents of the 'Coasties' and the towing business happening.

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