I know this is of little interest since it occured 150 yrs. ago and does not mention the DELTA QUEEN, but I find it fascinating.
The Louisville Daily Courier, July 19, 1866
LAUNCH OF THE ROBERT E. LEE - "Yesterday morning the new southern packet, building for Captain Cannon, was launched from the shipyard at Lower Albany amid a vast concourse of spectators. She was laid on the stocks at right angles to the river and had to be launched stern foremost. The lashings were cut away about 9 o'clock and she darted to the water, having a good run to make, with accellerated velocity, making an imposing launch.
Owing to the low stage of the river, the launch was not as successful as it should have been. Just before the boat reached the water the "packing" (a drift pile) along the ways caught, or jammed, and the proud boat had to actually climb over the debris to reach the river. Her momentium was so great, added to the great weight, that she overcame the obstacles that she rushed into her future element like a thing of life, and she she now rides triumphantly at the wharf, the future mistress of the inland seas.
The boat, in launching, broke her main fore and aft hog chains and the hull in the strain, "jumping the packing, is somewhat out of shape. It is, however, considered wholly uninjured, and by the time the machinery is aboard she will be drawn to her proper shape and trim. The model is the keenest ever constructed and, if shes not a screamer to run, it will not be John Cannons fault."