'Life, career of Alan Bates*
Morning, steamboating colleagues,
Jim, as I suspected, you had all of us hooked and good with your 'Alan Bates and me' commentary nailing it head on. Depending on our personal experiences with people we have known, we often see individuals through different lenses or points of view. Your concise portrait of Alan matched mine perfectly with your view more direct, personal--warts and all--leaving out the usual cloying romantic 'old time steamboat romance' we far too often are fed. In short I'd say Alan was an enigma driven by experiences, dreams we all share. I looked on my library shelves here seeing Alan's books lined up in a row. His letters over the years fill file cabinet drawer. I do remember clearly when Alan's papers were deposited with the Cincinnati Public Library and the then Inland Rivers Collection how he worried over much of the written content going so far as to carefully read, edit every piece of paper removing, destroying many written statements about events and many of us. Now, Jim. I'd like to read your memories, experiences regarding Mrs. Loretta Howard and what would in time evolve into the famed Howard Steamboat Museum we know today. You and Kenny Howe when young were there then with all of us here now. Again, thanks for your above.

R. Dale Flick
Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.