When the AVALON was towed from Cincinnati to Louisville, the tug landing the boat at Jeffboat made an oopsey, hitting a barge and buckling the stage. Jeffboat tried to straighten it but was unable to get it completely right. The boat looked like a beautiful woman with a crooked front tooth. Some company donated aluminum for a new stage, Alan designed it. He said "I cut 20 ft off it; it doesn't need to be that long". Alan had never made a bank landing, sure when landing at the Louisville wharf a long stage wasn't necessarily needed, but if you're landing on a mud bank, the stage can never be too long. When we went on the Green River trip, there were several times we had to lay bucket planks over 20 ft. of mud to load passengers. It wouldn't have cost the boat a cent and, in my opinion, a longer stage would have been nice. "WE PAY YOU TO WORK, NOT TO THINK!"