*Alan's license/Mates on boats*
Steamboating colleagues,
Jim, the more I read the more you have me hooked. Interesting about licenses then with or without Coast Guard "human interaction." A different world then. I later heard the preceeding old 'Steamboat Inspection Service' also stiff, rigorous--as they should be then and now. EVen old Jim Burns, during building of the DQ/DK wrote to contractors etc. mentioning, "We have to be careful as I have the Steamboat Inspection Service breathing down my neck." What does that tell us? This you write the stuff of which steamboat history is made. I also clicked my teeth reading about Alan and the Coast Guard as, for one or more reasons, he would rave, rant, turn red in the face about the 'Coasties.' Bottom line, as I saw it, Alan didn't like hearing the word "No" either from them or anybody else for that matter. Keep it up!

R. Dale Flick
old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.